Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another DGU

Ohh Shoot has the story. Naturally it would be counted with the others (the other DGUs I mean, many of which are no more true defensive uses of the gun than this is). And besides, it was the brother's fault for being stupid enough to climb through the window.

A Kentucky man fired a shot at someone he thought was breaking into his mobile home. But it was his brother who was trying to enter the home through a bedroom window.
The brother suffered a single gun shot wound to the neck and was air-lifted to the hospital where he remains in serious condition.

Police said the man fled the scene after the incident but family members insist that the shooting was an accident, saying the two brothers would never intentionally hurt each other.

Ohh shoot.


  1. " it was the brother's fault for being stupid enough to climb through the window."

    Yep. Stupidity really is painful at times.

  2. My policy as a gun owner is to let the dog handle it when someone is breaking in the window. If it's my sister he won't hurt her but he'll wake me up and tell me about it. If its not my sister he'll hurt whoever is breaking in the window and wake me up. I'll be backing up my dog with a bullet and all my Ozark cousins know this.

    I'm not really sympathetic about the brother shooting brother scenario. There are stupid people in the world and that has very little to do with me until they break in my window or accost me on the street. I'd like to know a little more about the brothers' backgrounds before concluding anything.

  3. Gecko, You sound like a pretty reasonable person. But how can you not have sympathy for the brother? Have you never lost a key and climbed through a window? Have you never been in a position of trying not to disturb sleeping people in the night? Have you never been in the wrong place at the wrong time?

    It's the trigger happy gun owners that are the problem. It's the incredible proliferation of weapons in America often among people ill-equipped to handle them responsibly that's the problem.

  4. Let's be more realistic, starting with the brother climbing through a window at night. First let's get more facts, especially whether either or both of the brothers you speak of were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or whether there was something else going on. The investigation is still on-going.

    No, I have not been in the position of having to climb in a window in the middle of the night to avoid waking up a household. The few times I came home past curfew as a teenager, I slept in the car as a fair and just consequence.

    You are always presuming a causation due to correlation and always attributing it to "trigger-happy" gun owners as though that is always the *triggering* factor. The brother climbing into a window in the middle of the night could just as easily been whacked on the head with a blunt object. Either or both of the indivduals could have been on drugs or inebriated.

    You choose your illustrative situations so carefully while removing every single possible cause of an action until only a gun and a gun owner are left. You really need to present the enter case to avoid the appearance of bias.

    I submit that people may do stupid things and that guns are occasionally peripheral to their stupidity. Guns are not instrumental to their stupidity. I am not two and I don't need you to protect me from myself.