Monday, March 22, 2010

True Romance

This movie should have won about 10 oscars, including a 5-way tie for Best Supporting Actor. Even the parts they cut are fantastic.


  1. I have the tiniest of problems with True Romance. I love the dialogue, I love all the acting, but somehow when it all came together it was missing something. For me.

    I still watch it every now and again just for the parts I love, but it could have been sooo much more.

  2. Hey! You took off comment moderation! Nice.

  3. I'm gonna try no comment moderation again for a while. I thought I saw Blogger eating some of them while they were awaiting my click, so I did away with it.

    You're take on True Romance seems consistent with the critics. But, I really can't understand the lack of serious awards.

  4. I just watched tonight's episode of the TV show "Chuck."

    Chuck is given an assignment and told that successful completion will result in his being posted to Rome as a secret agent with the cover of a millionaire industrialist.

    Aha -- that explains Mikeb!

  5. FishyJay, In Italian we say, "magari." It means something like, "I wish."