Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Coffee Party Movement

Thanks to Laci. It's all about cooperation.


  1. Riveting. I'm sure their first rally in Washington will attract 10's of dozens.

  2. Guess I had better form a Hot Chocolate Party, before all the hot beverage names are gone.

  3. For more on "Coffee Party" organizer Annabel Park, look here:

    Bitter cup of Coffee Party: Digging up the AstroTurf on Annabel Park and the Obama Administration

  4. Wow, she's an engaging speaker. I fell asleep twice before the two minute mark. Must not have enough coffee, yet.

    So, she likes coffee?? Is that it? Do I get free coffee if join up and collaberate, I'm sorry, cooperate towards progressive solutions without extremism and obstructionism, comrades?

    Zorro, I call the Hot Spiced Cider Party.

    I also call the "Earl Grey, Hot" and Apple-Lemon-Blueberry-Watermelon Zinger Decaf Party. All Trekkies and Holistic Healers are welcome. Bring your own (dilithium)crystals and Phasers, please.