Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Gun Stupidity in Colorado

Ohh Shoot reported this story of unintentional shootings that took place in Colorado.

Two separate groups went into the same area in Johnny Park, Colorado to do some target shooting. Neither knew the other group was there. One group, reportedly firing off an assault rifle, AK variant, unintentionally shot the other group. One person was shot in the abdomen and the other person was hit in the buttocks. Fortunately, neither was seriously injured.
Ohh shoot.

I wonder is our friend Stephen knows this place. What's your opinion? Is this the kind of thing that can happen to anyone; is it unavoidable, another small price we pay for the sacred right?

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  1. The comments on the news site were interesting. One said that they had closed all the public shooting ranges in the area to make everyone safer. So instead of going to a properly maintained and controlled range, folks go into the forest.

  2. Of course it can happen to anyone. It just happened to someone.

    Is it unavoidable? Of course not. This was completely avoidable. This was a Rule Four violation by the shooters. As such, this was a negligence on the part of the shooters.

    As for the price to be paid, let's see what happens to the shooters first, huh? Chances are, they will be appropriately punished, and personally, I'll bet they never make that mistake (Rule Four violation) again.

  3. We should strive to reduce accidents.

    We should not eliminate rights because accidents occur.

  4. I wonder if shooters are being forced into potentially unsafe places like this due to the forced closure of many of the ranges in Colorado.

  5. Yep--it's "another small price we pay for" the forced closure of gun ranges.

  6. I don't know the shooters ... but when they talk of a shooting area being closed, they are talking about the closing of the Rampart Range area.

    People enjoying the outdoors can hurt each other in all kinds of ways. Every year out of control skiiers hurt and kill people in Colorado. Drunk drivers, a person who parks on a hill and doesn't set the parking brake, someone cutting down a tree that doesn't check the area, one kayaker ramming into another ... kids can even be seriously hurt or killed on sledding hills.

    Nothing is 100% safe, but that doesn't mean we stop doing them or do a blog post that says "so I think these guys should lose their skiing/sledding/driving/kayaking rights for life."

    But one thing is for sure, the guys who were shooting were not doing so safely. You must ALWAYS know what is behind your target. And since guns were involved they will pay a much higher price than others -- and I'm fine with that, because being careful with guns is easy.

  7. Zorro said, "Yep--it's "another small price we pay for" the forced closure of gun ranges."

    Was that a joke? I hope so because otherwise you'd be contradicting your theory of individual responsibility.

  8. Yeah--it was a joke. Not much of one, perhaps, but we can't all be as good at those as George Carlin.