Friday, March 12, 2010

We Like War

Apropos of several of our frequent discussions.


  1. Later before he dies, Carlin updated that skit with the War on Terror. Then you begin to understand how militarism has influenced and become a part of the national norm in America. Like I said in a previous post, America has the Military Industrial Complex and Italy has the mafia. Both institutions are lowering the living standards of the citizens in those respective countries. At least with the MIC, America will be able to use its military to invade any country to do what we want it to do. Then the Italians will tag along just to ger their mafia contacts in place so they can control the drugs and human trafficing and prostitution common outside US military bases around the world. Explains why the US does not dismantle the base in Naples.

  2. il principe:

    Are you really this stupid?

  3. democommie,
    not stupid, just knowledgably on the negative effects of out of country military spending have on American living standards. I suggest a few books by Andrew Bacevich, Chalmers Johnson and Nick Turse to help you see why my statement has some validity.

  4. Not that there aren't plenty of criminals anyplace where they can expect to find easy money, but to say that Italy is, in essence, the mafia, is silly.

  5. I'm not sure if Il Principe is saying Italy is the Mafia. I guess he can clarify that himself. What I think is the mafia in Italy is more like a major corporation with vast influence and power. Whether it's on the same level with Fiat and RAI and Telecom, I don't know.

  6. The mafia in Italy controls overs 8 percent of the entire Italian economy. that is 130 billion dollars. Not sure what kind of numbers FIAT and RAI put up, but it may not be as mush as the mafia controls in Italy.
    To learn more about how much power the mafia has in Italy, I suggest the books Excellent Cadavers by Alexander Stille and also The Sack of Rome by Stille. Cosa Nostra by John Dixie is also a good book on the power and influence of the mafia in Italy.
    A good book to read on the MIC in America is- The Complex- How the Pentagon influences our everyday lives.
    recently the coast guard budget was cut by three percent while the war in Iraq and Afghanistan got increases. Ironic how the department tasked with protecting Americans the most is having its budget cut.