Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pot Smoker Killed by Meteorite

DrugWarRant published a fascinating report which brings together two of our favorite topics, meteorite strikes and marijuana reform.

San Hoyo, California: A coroner’s report released yesterday by police confirmed the presence of marijuana compounds in the system of Jonah Ellis, a 23-year-old man who was killed last Thursday just outside the town limits when struck by a meteorite.

Police Chief Dirk Jackson refused to speculate whether this news would have an impact on the upcoming referendum on the legalization of marijuana in California this November, but noted that, “In the 10 years I’ve been in San Hoyo, 100% of meteorite fatalities have been marijuana-related, demonstrating a clear link. It’s certainly got to make you think.”

Calvina Califano, spokesperson for Citizens Resisting Against Pot, had harsher words to say about the referendum. “If legalization passes,” she said, “you can absolutely count on an increase in meteorite strikes. And we won’t be as lucky the next time. People will be smoking pot outside day-care centers, and when that meteorite strikes, the collateral damage will be measured in mothers sifting through the rubble for the mangled corpses of their infant children. Marijuana: harmless? Let those legalizers tell that to the grieving mothers.”

A representative of the Coalition to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana in California claimed that the meteorite strike was unrelated to marijuana use, but was unable to precisely explain why Jonah Ellis was hit.

Scientists note that meteorites are formed from the debris of asteroids, and that there are literally millions upon millions of asteroids. If marijuana is legalized, it could take many years to exhaust the supply, and some say the damage to society could be permanent.


  1. Yup. That's how laws are made.

  2. Jadeology: 100% of all meteorite victims in California are for the legalization of Marijuana. NASA tracks meteroites. NASA has employees in Texas. Texas has concealed carry so all Texans are in the NRA. NASA is an NRA puppet. Therefore the NRA killed Jonah Ellis. The NRA violently opposes the legalization of marijuana.

    Pretty simple really once you apply the proper Jadeslant. Further, we all know that the NRA has anti pothead booths at all gun shows.

  3. "“If legalization passes,” she said, “you can absolutely count on an increase in meteorite strikes. And we won’t be as lucky the next time."

    CRAP's argument sounds a lot like your argument against all pro-gun legislation, mikeb.