Saturday, May 15, 2010

NRA Members on the Terror Gap

ThinkProgress posted this fantastic video. The last guy is the best.

As Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne noted at the time, the poll indicates that NRA members are “more reasonable than the organization’s leaders and supporters in Congress in understanding the urgency of keeping guns out of the wrong hands.”

I think we have to consider another unofficial poll: gun-bloggers. In my own limited experience I'd say they overwhelmingly agree with the NRA leadership. Why do you think? It is a puzzlement.

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  1. When the gun control side is tell you how we gun owners think vs. what you hear directly from the horse’s mouth- which are you inclined to believe?

  2. It just might be true that when the question is phrased like that, you will get answers like that.

    I would phrase the question as follows: "Can Second Amendment Constitutional rights be denied to anyone, including US citizens, whom the Obama administration places upon a secret terrorist watch list using secret criteria?"

    Not a fair question? I am just ADDING information -- ACCURATE information.

    But I would be curious if one took a group of NRA members and gave one pro and one con spokesman a few minutes each to state their case -- and THEN see how the group answers the same question in the video.

  3. In other words, this may be another case where ignorance is on the side of anti-gunowner advocates.

    If you read enough letters to the editor on this, you see lotsa people ranting about "selling guns to terrorists."

    That means that the anti-gunowner deceit is working well upon the ignorant (which will inevitbly include NRA members, although less so with those who closely follow legislative issues).

    They know that it's not about "terrorists" -- it's about a secret list of people whom bureaucrats using secret criteria suspect maybe might one day think about terrorism.

  4. I think everyone in that video should be placed on the "Terrorist Watch List".

    It would teach them a good lesson.

  5. Be careful guys. Cynicism can easily lead to paranoia.