Saturday, May 15, 2010

Triple Murder in Richmond CA

SF Gate reports on what sounds like your typical gang related violence.

Three men were killed and a fourth injured in a shooting in unincorporated North Richmond tonight, a Contra Costa County sheriff's spokesman said.

Sheriff's spokesman Jimmy Lee said four men in their 20s and 30s were struck by the gunfire. Two were pronounced dead at the scene and a third died after being taken to Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo, Lee said.

"At this point, we are still trying to develop a motive and suspect description," Lee said.

He said it appears there was a vehicle involved and it may have been a drive-by shooting.

This is what's going on in American cities while the gun rights folks are celebrating together in Charlotte NC. At that convention they'll discuss and plan ways to prevent future gun laws and thwart the existing ones, all in the name of freedom, of course.

The only problem with that is the country is awash in gun violence. This case in northern California, for example, has a direct relationship with those folks in Charlotte, those law abiding gun owners who keep talking about rights and freedom. The relationship is in the fact that the gun used in this terrible crime was originally the legal possession of one of them. It's their laws, or lack thereof, it's their loopholes, it's their attitudes that make guns so available that every violent maniac who wants one can have one.

You see, if you manipulate the system, the 2nd Amendment interpretation, the local laws, the general attitudes, so that everybody who wants a gun can have one, you necessarily include the violent maniacs. I say that's too high a price.

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  1. They have those "ideal" gun laws in California. Seem to be working well, huh?

  2. Gun control advocates don't seem to understand that when the best-known gun control group rates California as having the best gun control laws, citing shootings in California does not seem like a good argument for gun control. Better to cite only shootings in states with "poor" gun control, no? Although when they do that and claim correllation, I accuse them of picking their data (because that's what they are doing).

    Of course, the standard response to this is to claim that California doesn't really have "real" gun control, and thus needs much much more gun control. That has its own problems: Gun control groups are pushing for other states to pass gun laws like California's, and don't want to remind gunowners that if they do allow their state to pass gun laws like California's, their reward will be being told that their state still doesn't really have "real" gun control, and thus still needs much much more gun control.

  3. FishyJay, Thanks for the tips on how to better hold up my end, but I really think the only thing wrong with California, as far as its gun laws go, is its proximity to Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

  4. mikeb: "I really think the only thing wrong with California, as far as its gun laws go, is its proximity to Nevada, Arizona and Utah.

    Yet New York likes to blame its gun problems on Georgia.

    Looks like "proximity" is not required.

  5. When something is a failure, blame is one of the most common reactions.

  6. Impossible, CA in #1 ranked by the anti-gunners.

    I thought strict gun control ensured safety?