Saturday, August 27, 2011

Idaho Concealed Carry

An autopsy of Katy Benoit done the day after she was shot at her Moscow home revealed that the University of Idaho graduate student had been struck 11 times with .45-caliber bullets, Moscow police said in a press release Friday afternoon.
The ex-boyfriend psychology professor Ernesto Bustamante did the deed, it seems. He was one of those shining examples of Concealed Carry at it very best.

In the complaint, "Benoit alleged that threats of violence occurred on three separate occasions where Bustamante held a gun to her head and detailed the manner in which he would use it," police said in the press release Friday.
In addition, he was on enough prescription medicine to call anyone's mental health into question. But, in Idaho that's just the way things go. Gun rights is gun rights.

Bustamante was issued a concealed weapons permit through the Latah County Sheriff's Office on March 28, expiring in 2016.

What's your opinion? Do they issue those things too easily?  Joe Huffman hasn't had a thing to say about this case, by the way.

Would my idea of licensing gun owners and requiring criminal as well as mental health background checks week out some of these guys?

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  1. From my experience in a different county (I no longer hold a was only used to simplify transporting firearms to a target range) the process is pretty vigorous and comprehensive. Mandatory classes, various background checks, etc. And, no guarantee it won't be revoked at any time for any reason...

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Just Me. Your experience sounds quite different from the one in the story. Why do you think that is?