Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hey, TS, where is it?

This is a screen capture of my search results for Bulletin no. 99-14-BCIA written 6/11/99 on Lexis-Nexis. LexisNexis Group is a company providing computer-assisted legal research services. In 2006 it had the world's largest electronic database for legal and public-records related information.

You'd think they might have it, wouldn't you, TS?


  1. So if you call the CA DOJ, will they tell you that bulletin never existed? Why would the Department of Justice let a forged document manufacturing a fake gun confiscation conspiracy stay on the internet for 12 years? Why hasn’t a super lawyer like you put those responsible in jail over this, or at least have it taken down from the internet? Forging a document from the DOJ, what sentence would that carry in CA? 5 years? I think these are more pertinent questions that “why can’t I find it on Lexis-Nexis”? Even when I do a search for “assault weapon” it only comes up with one hit. Is it surprising that they don’t have a letter written 12 years ago?

  2. As I said on the other thread 03-14-BCIA also comes up dry on Nexis-Lexis, and that is a document you said does exist. Or… are you going to claim that must be a forgery as well?

  3. TS, I leave it to Laci to answer your question.

    Given time zone differences, that is more likely going to be tomorrow than sooner.

    But it is a fair question, and kudos to you for asking it!

    NOW your thinking!

  4. No,he isn't.

    I did call the first number you published, TS, (619) 227 3703, which is a cell phone number (At least it was sprint).

    Yes, but 03-14-BCIA shows up on a google search and turns up on two different state of California websites.

    And it showed up under an actual Lexis-Nexis search.

    I see no proof you tried Lexis-Nexis, especially since you use an incorrect name for the service. Additionally, it is a fee paid service, and I doubt you have an account since it is a rather costly service.

    The California AG's site does have information about the Zastava SKS, but that is not what you are talking about.

    I have done a search of the California AG's website with no joy for finding the information you allege exists.

    Quite frankly, I a beginning to believe that you are a liar, TS, who has yet to provide us with:
    a) An actual verifiable source for a state of California document number
    b) actual documented cases of firearms confiscation from a reliable newsgathering source--AP, AFP, Reuters,Lexis-Nexis, etcetera.

    You have yet to do this, TS.

    Nothing birther about it to ask you to backup your claims.

    It's birther, on the other hand, to make wild and unverifiable claims.

    As for your question, I don't know why the State of California hasn't addressed the issue.

    Perhaps it is due to the fact that they have better things to do with their limited resources than deal with internet nonsense that any intelligent person can spot as a lie.

    The fact,that you are gullible, TS, is your own problem.