Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Concord NC (near Charlotte) Domestic Violence at Work - 2 Dead

A spokeswoman for Lowe's Home Improvement says an employee and another person have been shot to death at a North Carolina store.

Spokeswoman Karen Cobb says the shooting happened Monday at a store in Concord, which is about 20 miles northeast of Charlotte. She says it appears to be a domestic situation and no other customers or employees were injured.

Additional information was not immediately available.
With such few details available in the news, it could be anything. But, let's take a guess.

A lawful gun owner, perhaps with a CCW permit and an NRA membership card in his wallet, goes to his wife's place of employment, kills her and turns the gun on himself. How's that sound, about right?

Later today the details will be coming out and I know I can count on my antagonistic gun-rights friends to point out anything I got wrong, but even that wouldn't change the fact that guns are bad news for women. And it certainly wouldn't change the solution.

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1 comment:

  1. Fuggin' Lowes and their fuggin' anti-MurKKKin, anti-the only fuggin' amendment to the constitution that any redblooded MurKKKin cares about, stance on teh gunz!

    If that domestic violenovic had been properly armed they woulda NEVER been shot. 'sides, somebody in, like, the paint aisle, coulda seen it goin' down and dropped the perp without even puttin' down their color chips.

    I'm at the local Lowe's almost daily and I'm always hearing these, "Code 50 to the contractors' desk, Code 50 to the contractors' desk--customer needs help in loading.". They could do the same thing for this. "Code doubletap centermass to lawn & garden, code doubletap centermass to lawn & garden--customer needs help with killing former LGO gone berserk with gunz that were prolly obtained from the US DoJ.".