Friday, September 23, 2011

Making Fun of Gunloons is Hard...

...because they're inadvertently making fun of themselves.
Via Wonkette.

Here’s a novel theory from the terminally paranoid crackpot head ogre at the NRA: President Obama’s refusal to steal all of their guns is really justhis massive conspiracy to steal all their guns. This is how it works: Obama lulls all of the gun owners into a perilous sense of security by never proposing gun control legislation of any kind during the course of his entire term and even helpfully neglects to reinstate Bill Clinton’s pansy-ass elitist assault weapons ban, and THEN — wait for it — while everybody is casually making small talk about that hilarious time Bob shot his neighbor for letting his dog poop on Bob’s lawn, WHAM, Obama rocket launches storm trooper Ban Ki Moon and his feared army of U.N. bureaucrats straight at the guns and cold STEALS EVERY ONE OF THEM before setting fire to the Constitution to “erase the evidence.” Really, that’s how it happens!
Read it all. The comments are priceless.


  1. This may have some bearing on why draft documents that were never issued are proof that SKSs were ordered confiscated in Calfornia!

  2. ROFL - you seem to be describing what is referred to as 'magical thinking' in clinical psychology; because clearly, we're looking at this group of people living in a fantasy land based on what they believe is possible, and their bizarre and distorted notions of causality.

  3. I think La Pierre is a flim-flam guy. He knows it's bullshit and he knows he can sell it to his audience.