Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Republican Jenga-Nomics and Jingo-Nomics

From Comedy Central:

Laci points out that TV was invented by a Scot, John Logie Beard.


  1. Laci The Dog:

    I had a conversation last evening with a retired sociology/criminology professor with at leasto one PhD. He's black, fairly liberal and quite intelligent. He was familiar with the news story about Flemming (R-LA) and his $4-600K to feed the family sob story. When I told him that Flemming was simply lying about his income and that he could go LOOK at the guy's financial disclosure forms on the web he showed no interest in doing so.

    I know this man is a "no doubt" vote for the dems but it's attitudes like his that make me wonder if ANYBODY outside of a fairly small percentage of the electorate even give a shit what's happening.