Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ban Them Sumbitches

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A Roseburg man was arrested over the weekend, after police responded to the YMCA for a report of a man with a gun.

Police were called to the Y a little after 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, after someone reported that Philip Richard Galindo, 29, was in the men's locker room with a gun making threats toward another man.

Police say when the officers arrived, Galindo was walking towards them in a hallway, and officers immediately held him at gunpoint, telling him to keep his hands up.

The officers say the gun was in his waistband.

After taking him into custody, they found the gun was made of hard plastic and looked real, but turned out to be a fake.
Imagine the fantasy world this guy lives in, carrying a fake gun in his waist band and threatening people with it?  Naturally ANY crime with a toy gun qualifies for the One-strike-you're-out for real gun rights.

Don't you think this is a terible waste of police resources not to mention a potentially dangerous situation for everyone involved?

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  1. Mikeb302000:

    If he had reached for the weapon, whether it was real or not, the cops would likely have shot him with their real guns and he would be seriously injured or real dead.

    You're correct, it is a waste of resources to have to deal with this level of teh burnin stoopit.

  2. I don't see that we need a special rule for knuckleheads like this one. What he did was threaten violence with what looked like a weapon. Isn't that already a crime? Give the guy a long state-sponsored vacation and report him to NCIS when his sorry arse gets out of prison.

  3. Somehow, my name didn't get attached to the comment by Anonymous, even though it links to my weblog. Mikeb302000, if you wouldn't mind adding my name to the author line, I'd appreciate that, if it's possible.

  4. This one got lost in the cracks. I don't think I can edit the comments in that way but your second comment did the trick.

    Your idea about locking them up for longer is a bit simplistic. We already have the overcrowding problem and I don't see too many non-violent and pot-possession guys getting out.

    Gun availability, both real and toy, is something we could do something about - if it weren't for guys like you, Greg. That's why I blame you.

  5. Mikeb302000,

    I'd legalize marijuana and decriminalize the rest, at least users who are non-violent. Then there'd be more room for genuinely dangerous criminals. That's my solution, so don't blame me when this guy's walking about.