Thursday, December 8, 2011

Breaking News--another shooting at Virginia Tech

A police officer and another person were shot to death at Virginia Tech. The Campus is once again on lockdown.

Perhaps it is Virginia's strict gun laws that led to this shooting.

Perhaps, the lack of an armed citizen was the cause (we know the police don't count).

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I can't wait to hear how having a gun on the scene would have prevented this!


  1. I think the criminal was the cause. No?

  2. Wow, another stupid comment from one of our anonymous posters.

    Except, what about that armed citizen stopping the crime?

    Come on, Anonymous, don't try to divert the issue that a gun was involved and more guns could have prevented the shooting.

    Or that it's all those strict gun control laws that contributed to the shooting.

  3. NPR's 5:00 newscast had a statement to the effect that the VA state police have determined the second shooting victim is likely to be the gunman. A weapon has been recoverd.

  4. Didn't happen. Virginia Tech is a known gun free zone.

  5. FWM, two people are dead. On that basis, your comment was shameful.

    Obviously, one of the two dead people should never have had a gun, and the other was a cop.

    This is another instance of a firearm homicide / suicide.

    One that could not have happened if the suicide victim / shooter had never gotten too easy access to that firearm in the first place.

  6. I think it's safe to say you have no idea how easy his access to the gun was.

    You're disingenuous because you think any access to a gun is too easy.

  7. FWM, I think it is safe to say that given the number of firearm homicides, suicides, and accidental deaths, on top of the firearm injuries, there are far too many people in this country who have guns that should not.

    So unless you can explain away this kind of shooting as being a legitimate use of a firearm by a legitimate owner, there is a prima facie case that the wrong person was able to get a firearm, and given the number of people who are the wrong people, it IS too damn easy to acquire that firearm used here.

  8. "So unless you can explain away this kind of shooting as being a legitimate use of a firearm..."

    The only thing I have heard about this incident so far is this post. How am I supposed to know or justify anything?

  9. Anon wrote:
    You're disingenuous because you think any access to a gun is too easy.

    Nope. Just the ones that result in death, injury, or some other crime.

    We have so many more of that kind of bad gun result than any other industrialized society, that clearly we have the wrong people getting their hands on way too many guns.

  10. I heard it here first too. How many is it gonna take for people in the country to wake the hell up and say "no more."

    It seems to be going the other way, the NRA and gun rights activists have convinced the fearful and insecure that a gun is that answer. Hence, the record sales.

  11. democommie said...

    I heard two guys in a local bar talking about gunz the other day. One is a hunter/shooter/collector/conspiracy theorist with an FFL. The other is the same less the FFL.

    Both of them were talking about buying gunz in multiples because once Obama got in office they just KNEW that he was gonna outlaw teh gunz.

    This is what makes gunzloonz dangerous. It's not the fact that they have gunz; it's two other facts.

    The first fact is that they KNOW evil gummint' thugz are gonna take away their precious inanimate objects.

    The second fact is that they will make sure that they remain free, law'bidin citizensoldiers by refusing to obey the lawz that would have people attempt to STEAL their gunz and enslave them.

  12. Mike,
    I'd rephrase your question as "how low must the continued decline in gun related deaths become before we crack down on guns."

    When you introduce that objective fact, your rhetorical question becomes nonsensical.

  13. Demo, can you rephrase that last part, in the English language?

  14. MAgunweer'dybeardy:

    Um, no. I'm quite sure you get the drift.

    All you brave CCW crybabies have contempt for those who don't like your fetish and fear. It's absolutely mutual from my end. You people are afraid to be gunzless; what a fucked up way to go through life.

  15. I don't feel contempt for you. Am I afraid to be unarmed, walking my dog in the middle of an unlit park a 1/4 mile from the Bromley-Heath projects at 11PM? Yes.

  16. Too few armed citizens were not responsible for this tragedy. If an assassin can walk up and shoot heads of state, then they can surely walk up and stab or shoot some Joe walking down the street. Sometimes, unfortunately, your number is up.

    Keep in mind that every situation is different. If some criminal walks up and stabs or shoots an unsuspecting person walking ahead of me and then looks in my direction for another victim, I'll have a decent chance of preventing bodily injury to myself. And in the process I might end the criminal's killing spree.

    Either way, the primary reason I am armed is so that I can protect myself and my family, not to be a "one man roving SWAT team".

    And keep something else in mind. I am more concerned about dog attacks than people attacks. Several people within a few hundred yards of my home have rottweilers, doberman pincers, and pitbulls with nothing more than electronic fences containing them. If the neighbor's pair of dobermans decide to leave the yard and attack (and they act like they are hell-bent on attacking) whenever I walk by, I cannot see any other way to stop them other than with my pistol.

  17. Anonymous:

    You have no dog officers in your community?

    If someone has unsupervised dangerous animals on their property that constitute a threat they are generally removed from the property after a complaint is files. Are you afraid to confront their owners? Why not just shoot the people who live on the property? I mean if the gun is your problem solver, go right to source.

  18. MAgunowner and the anonymous one, like many others, live in a fantasy world. It's one in which they will some day be faced with death and shoot their way out of it. It's a sick way to live and they pose a threat to themselves and those around them.