Monday, December 5, 2011

Winning: The NRA's Awesomest Political Clout

Well, now that Herman "Keep Grope Alive" Cain has "suspended" his campaign--that means there are two contenders left from the GOP Clown Car for the GOP nomination.

BTW, the reason Herman Cain has suspended his campaign is so he can continue to fundraise.  After all, there are several mouthbreathers left to separate from their money.

Anyhow, it looks like Newtie and Willard.  Neither of whom have a really strong record on supporting America's Own Terrorist Organization--the NRA.  Gun loons are always telling us of their massive political clout.  Yet, it seems like they can't get anyone with solid gunloon credentials to win the nomination.

Why is that?


  1. Dang, the NRA is America's own terrorist organization? Now there's an extravagant claim, no?

  2. Jadegold,

    Perhaps you'd care to name the bombings that the NRA has committed? Or possibly the terrorist attacks that said organization has been responsible for? It's not enough that they support the civil rights of gun owners. That's not terrorism.

  3. Certainly.

    NRA member Tim McVeigh got his bomb recipe from an NRA bulletin board.

    As for terrorist attacks, certainly OK City (see above.) Other attacks include James Huberty, Louis Beam,Buford Furrow, and others etc.

    Let's not forget Al Qaeda urged potential recruits to take advantage of US's lax gun laws to obtain weaponry for terrorism.

  4. Jade,
    The NRA has renounced terrorism post-OK City. It's a different organization now.

  5. There is evidence from hidden camera videos that terrorists are acquiring guns at gun shows from unlicensed FFLs with the NRA opposing closing this loophole. .

  6. Jadegold,

    The level of membership on the part of the people that you named, if they were members at all, is the same as a subscription to the National Geographic. You send in your dues, you get a card and a magazine, and you get a window decal. Big deal. We're not talking about board members or employees. Name any organization of some size and controversy, and I'm sure that we could find a few wackos in the membership list. That doesn't make the organization responsible for the wackos.

    Besides, if the NRA promoted terrorist acts or participated in the same, the Federal government would have shut the organization down and pursued charges against it.

  7. It will be your loons who save your butt, for what is worth. Left and the right for party sake is for losers. Get to truth, you can't go wrong.

  8. Richard, a new commenter I think, got right to the heart of the matter. The NRA supports, as does Greg and his friends, continuing to allow private sales of firearms to be exempt from the background check requirement. This makes them, the NRA, Greg and his friends, partly responsible for the results.

    One result is Greg or anybody else can buy a gun easily, no fuss no muss. The other result is that felons, mental defectives and terrorists can too.

    That makes the NRA, as well as Greg and his friends, partly responsible for terrorism and murder and rape and domestic abuse, all that good shit that happens when guns are easily available to ANYBODY.

  9. Boy, Mikeb302000, you make it sound like the NRA and its supporters are irresponsible and self-centered.

    Why I bet that if somebody suggested that gunshops and other FFL's be subject to something similar to a dram shop law that they'd be all for it.

  10. So there are anonymous videos showing "terrorists" buying guns. Um, I'm shivering over here. Was Elvis in the video too? You do recall that Teddy Kennedy was on the watch list. That may have been because of his questionable driving skills, but he was on your side.

    And yes, Mikeb, I can buy a gun without muss or fuss in many states. Until Orrin Hatch's bill passes, I'll restrict myself to my own (legal) state, but freedom really bothers some people. . .

  11. so under the logic Jadegold has used here, anything (deceased) Sen Byrd was involved with, including a significant amount of social (read liberal) legislation was flawed because he was a KKK member in his early days? Or better yet, we should dismantle anything promulgated by a great number of congressional members, past and present, because they belonged to discriminatory clubs, fraternities, and social groups, or how about the enviro-terrorists in the pacific northwest burning Hummer and other SUV dealerships? I mean, anyone they back must be a horrible criminal, right?