Saturday, December 10, 2011

How many limes can a limey buy at a timey?

Is it illegal to buy more than one lime at a time in Britain?

It is amazing the gullibility of people in the world. It has been said that "nobody went broke underestimating the ignorance of the American people". Perhaps, that can be said of most people.

In this case, we have a story from the Daily Mail which claims it is illegal to buy more than one lime since they can be used as weapons. In this case, a chef is told by someone in ASDA (a British Supermarket chain) that she couldn't buy more than one lime since they can be used as weapons. The same policy also applied to lemons.

Now, the Daily Mail has pointed out that they have no obligation to be serious journalists and publish verified stories. Journalistically, it's one step up from the Weekly World News.

Got that, the Daily Mail comes close to being a journalistically valid as a supermarket tabloid.

In the case of this story, one of the comments points out the "truth" of the matter.

keep it real....!, Cheshire. UK, 21/11/2011 18:22

This is total crap.............I work for ASDA.....the problem with the self scans....apart from being too can buy as many lemons and limes as you like.....but you can't buy 2 at the same time.......the self scan system won't let you buy 2 together....but you can scan 3 or more with no problem ......yes it's madness....I know, but nothing to do with weapons.

So, it isn't a legal problem, but a software glitch.

As far as I know, there is no Prohibition of Citrus Act out there.


  1. That's insane. Why don't they fix the scanner software?

  2. I see we have the ever naughty Catherine Tate back in another comedic turn.

    God, it's hard to know how the Brits keep that stiff upper lip for which they are known, while laughing so hard.

    A bit risque by American standards, but fitting silliness to come back with for Red Az, LOL. you think they have the government program where they encourage people to turn in their knives in exchange for dildoes then, on Daily Mail Island? Or would those be prohibited too, like limes in the Daily Island parallel universe?

    Ah, Laci - glad you had a laugh, but truly this oh so more than rises to the occasion of poking proper fun of the ludicrous.

  3. FWM wrote:
    That's insane. Why don't they fix the scanner software?

    Maybe it's because 'Limies', aka Brits, mostly buy their citrus in larger quantities than two so it's not a problem. I bet you almost never hear of scurvy in the UK...

    Although I did wonder if the idiots who appear to believe the load of crap in the original article provided by RedAz might also expect grapefruit to be prohibited as well, lest the average Brit risk terrorizing themselves and their families at the breakfast table by accidentally squirting themselves in the eye while spooning out a segment of the common breakfast citrus.

    Again, well done Laci!

  4. "FWM wrote:
    That's insane. Why don't they fix the scanner software?"

    Actually the scanning problem would be with people who read nonsense like that and take it at face value (OWS demonstrator takes dump on NYPD cruiser--um, not as far as anyone can, like, prove) from, of all sources the "Daily Fail".