Thursday, October 25, 2012

California Gun Club Robbed of Four Shotguns

Local news reports

According to Lawson, thieves gained entry into the storage shed by cutting through both locks on the double doors.

After entering, they dragged the safe containing the guns outside to a waiting vehicle. From there, they drove to the other side of the parking lot to a stand of trees where they pried open the safe, thereby destroying it.
Of course the thieves are 100% responsible for what they did and should be arrested and punished accordingly. But, what kind of shabby locks did the gun club use for security. And what kind of safe is not bolted to the floor and heavy enough to deter what happened?

I'm afraid this is another case of negligence on the part of the gun club in their storage and security measures.

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  1. Mikeb, you need to let this kind of thing go. You're just making yourself look all the more insane. There is no lock and no safe that will stop everyone. The more you attack good citizens, the less credible you look.

  2. Looking for some gun clubs that are free to join, no membership fees. I do not care where they are located.The company I work for also has a membership with the NRA so if you find any that are free for being with the NRA would also be good.There is one we just joined locally that was free to join as long as you're with the NRA.