Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two Marines go on Pellet Gun Shooting Spree

CBS Los Angeles reports
I suppose pellet guns like this are a bit more than simple toys. They seem more like proper weapons. I have a solution for that too.

What's your opinion? 


  1. Ignoring the spammers, I'll go straight to the report. Mikeb, you always want to ban something. Would it have been better if they'd used firearms? What they did was a series of crimes. It would have made no difference if they'd been throwing rocks or baseballs or tire irons. Now, they're going to pay.

    1. What reasonable person would disagree with Mike's solution? If it was implemented what would society lose?

      Fortunately countries with reasonable small arms law such as China (and to a lesser extent the EU and Britain), are closing the loopholes which non-powder firearms (airguns) present, as well as enacting prohibitory statutes against the sale and posser non-powder weapons such as knives. ssion of othe

    2. Sorry for the typo, the last line should read as follows

      and possession of non-powder weapons such as knives.

    3. What would society lose?

      1. Freedom, the freedom to buy things that we want, to own property, to make choices about our lives.

      2. Training. Pellet guns offer a cheap way to practice shooting.

      But the fact that you think any law in China is reasonable tells us all we need to know about your point of view.

    4. This "Greg Camp" (What is your real name, and what country/militant group are you working for?) claims that society would "lose" "Freedom" and "Training" based on Mike's proposal (non-firearm gun/airgun prohibition)

      1. " Freedom, the freedom to buy things that we want, to own property, to make choices about our lives."

      You do not have the freedom to by or possess objects such as illicit pornography or drugs (although you have stated that you favor repealing drug laws). Devices which enable mere citizens (not being State actors) to inflict death upon one another at the pull of a trigger ought to be viewed in a similar light, in order to create a civilized and peaceable society.

      2. "Training. Pellet guns offer a cheap way to practice shooting."

      By "training" you really mean an inexpensive means to educate oneself on killing. Radical militia groups (such as the ones you appear to advocate) could use these as an inexpensive (and silent) means of preparing for armed conflict.

      Also, many PRC laws are perfectly reasonable. CCP lawmakers are of far greater intelligence, and are more knowledgeable than a computer trained redneck who appears to be of the opinion that Deliverance was a documentary.

    5. E.N., I don't see why you go on and on about my name. I'm an American citizen and a resident of Arkansas. You may read my blog for details about my various opinions and professional work. I am not an agent of any foreign nation, nor am I a part of any "militant group."

      You do love praising the Chinese. Their model of a society is exactly what you want--privileges and blessings doled out by the emperor. And don't even try to tell me that the current Chinese government is all that different from what's been there for thousands of years. The state controls the masses and hands out what it thinks they deserve.

      Here in America, we have a different model. We'll keep ours, thanks.

    6. Finally you're right about something. I would like to ban realistic-looking toy guns.

    7. Two errors in E.N.s statements:

      "a civilized and peaceable society" ...
      A society is peaceable and civilized when everyone is free to go about their lives and collaborate with other people. What is NOT civilized and peaceable are criminals, politicians, or law enforcement officers ordering citizens to do something under threat of force. News Flash: it's a lot harder to use violent force on an armed citizen. Thus efforts to remove firearms from citizens make them defenseless and only benefits criminals, politicians, and law enforcement officers who will always have weapons.

      "CCP lawmakers are of far greater intelligence" ...
      Thus E.N. wants elite people to dictate the lives of the common people. That is an obscene philosophy.

    8. Mikeb, you finally admit to what you've already admitted. But keep going. Confession is good for the soul.

  2. This is a wonderful demonstration of the fact that we cannot entrust our security to government agents ... marines in this particular case.