Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jack Scalia Arrested at Airport - He Forgot the Gun

The Los Angeles Times reports
Jack Scalia, 61, was booked on suspicion of trying to bring a gun on an aircraft after the weapon was discovered about 1:30 p.m. at Terminal 7, according to sources familiar with the incident.
A native of Brooklyn, Scalia has acted in dozens of productions but is best known for his work on shows such as "Dallas" and "Remington Steele."
Sorry, Jack, but one strike you're out.

But you know what the truth is, these guys who get caught up in the one-strike-you're-out thing are usually NOT committing their first strike. These are dangerous and irresponsible gun owners who finally get caught.

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  1. probably allowable supreme ct chambers?

  2. Web, Jack is a scum bag, failed minor league baseball player, and was married to the former Miss Universe Karen Baldwin, not a SC Justice.

    mikeb, according to you, nearly all gun owners are dangerous felons waiting to get caught, I'm starting to think you're an elitist.

    1. The point about supreme court chambers is a valid one, or on the floor of congress. Billy-bob/3b you miss the point, which was a clever play on the name -- gun owners are not necessarily all that law abiding.

      Dangerous felon or just inept klutz, or simply someone with very bad judgment - you try to narrow the reasons to much for why it's a bad idea for lots of people to have and carry firearms.

    2. That's interesting dog gone, not only are you a control freak elitist wannabe, but a mind reader as well.

    3. "Nearly all," Bill? Is that what you understood?

    4. mikeb, under your 'one strike' program, anyone who drops a firearm is a felon, anyone who has a negligent discharge would be a felon, anyone who violates the 4 rules is a felon, etc.

      Then there was the infamous 'hidden criminal', where you accused 8%, 10%, and at one time I think you made the comment that 90% of gun owners were felons in waiting.

      Yeah, mike, nearly all is what I understood.

  3. I don't want him bringing a gun on an airplane.

    I'd rather he didn't bring a gun anywhere else either, given the incidents of accidental toilet killings in Walmart men's rooms, or penis shootings in parking lots with little pink guns, or the many other accidental butt shootings when a firearm discharged when someone sat in a theater seat, etc. -- but this does seem to show him as a scofflaw, who is not therefore a lawful gun owner.

  4. He's an actor. He'll get off with a wink and a nod.