Friday, October 26, 2012

Lawful Gun Owner in San Antonio Shoots Up the Girlfriend's Car

Local news reports
The shooting was over an apparent break-up, and the suspect was taken to SAPD headquarters for questioning before possible charges are filed.

The woman had come to the man's place to collect her personal items, and something happened during that time to cause an argument. She went outside and he followed her, taking aim at her car and opening fire, police said.

The shots shattered glass and also hit the side of the vehicle, police said. The woman suffered minor injuries from the broken glass.

Police said they found a shotgun and a handgun underneath the home where the suspect was holed up.
"POSSIBLE charges?" Are they kidding?

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  1. Mikeb, when are you going to learn the nature of our criminal justice system and news media? No one says anything definite charges are filed. It would be surprising, though, if this man doesn't face time in prison.

    Once again, you also add lawful in the title with no evidence. Nothing was said one way or another in the news article.