Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lawful Pennsylvania Gun Owner Shoots Girl for Spotting Deer

Local news reports
Police have charged a man with aggravated assault for allegedly shooting a teenage girl who was using a spotlight to look for deer near his southwestern Pennsylvania home.

State police say Jeremy James Pritts shot a 17-year-old girl Sunday night after she used a spotlight from the back of a pickup on an outing with her parents.

Investigators say pellets from the shotgun struck Cortney Snyder in the arms, face, chest and abdomen. Her parents called an ambulance from their nearby home.

Police say Pritts admitted firing at the light, saying he was frustrated with spotters and poachers in the area. He was released on bail Tuesday following his arraignment. Court records don't list an attorney for him.
He was frustrated, so he used a gun. What else would he do?

The problem is guys who act like this with guns are not the rare cases the pro-gun crowd claims they are.  They are all too numerous.

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  1. There's no excuse for this. Pitiful. The man should be locked up.

  2. I agree entirely. So just as soon as you figure out where Mikeb is, send the cops. It's good to see someone with the right idea here.

  3. I'm apolitical, rather than pro-gun, but I've had my fill of propaganda from both sides of this issue, and I'm calling out this propaganda:

    If, "guys who act like this with guns are not the rare cases the pro-gun crowd claims they are", why is this such a unique, sensationalistic headline?

    That said, there are authorities this scofflaw should have called, and should have let them handle it. If he has already done so, and they are ineffectual, this article should cover that aspect of the occurrence, and bring appropriate public scrutiny upon them. Responsible journalism would report whether or not he had done so. Sadly, considering the blatantly propagandizing nature of this blog post, I suspect that it is indeed leaving out crucial details of this kind.

    However, there are appropriate methods for bringing public scrutiny to ineffectual law enforcement, such as complaints at the level of government responsible for providing such law enforcement - in this case the state - letters to editors, blog posts, etc., that do not involve violence against other people.

    Speaking of other people though, what of the parents of this minor who endangered her by involving her in the illegal activities of spotting and poaching, and of riding in the back of a pickup? Are they held accountable for their contribution to her injury?