Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Accidental Shooting in Washington Hair Salon - Woman Critical

Seattle PI reports
Responders said the incident took place at Headlines Salon, but police did not immediately have additional details.

Responders said the woman had a .45 caliber gun and shot herself in the chest. The bullet exited by her mouth and she was not responsive when medics found her. She was rushed to Harborview Medical Center with her spouse, medics said.

Police said it was not clear what happened before the shooting, but it was reported as accidental.
I'm betting this woman had a concealed carry permit. Why else would she have had a gun with her in the hair salon?

One thing for sure, if the news reporters don't pick up on it, no one is checking.  That suits the pro-gun folks just fine because they can continue to cite those false statistics that seem to indicate how safe and responsible permit holders are.

The truth is concealed carry permit holders are no safer than other gun owners, and everyone knows that leaves something to be desired.

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  1. There's nothing false about the claim that carry license holders are safe, by and large. Not perfect, but closer to perfection than many other groups. You're the one who wants to magnify an incident here and there into thousands without any evidence.

    1. Gun owners are not as safe as non-gun owners.

      The carrying of guns where not specifically and clearly necessary endangers people - as this did. The only good thing about this is that it didn't hurt other people.

      This proves why businesses don't want people on their premises with guns - they are dangerous.

      No matter how you spin it, carry people are NOT safer than those without guns, and the gun violence and accident statistics in this country compared to countries with more sane and sensible gun laws PROVE IT.

      Part of what makes the carry person LESS safe than they claim is the refusal to admit they pose a danger.

      Keep sticking your thumbs in your ears and waggling your fingers - you're still not credible because you cannot explain away those statistics or prove justifiable DGUs in greater numbers than the bad uses of guns, including accidents.

    2. Dog Gone, I didn't comment on gun owners in general. I was talking about carry license holders in specific. But let's look again at the facts:

      1. 100,000,000 +/- gun owners.

      2. 300,000,000+ guns.

      3. 100,000 deaths and injuries from firearms due to all causes--accident, suicide, murder, and justifiable homicide.

      4. Of the deaths, suicides are the majority. That's death by choice, and we've shown you many times that countries without guns still have lots of suicides.

      5. We've also shown you that gun control laws don't correlate with homicide rates. Russia, South Africa, and Puerto Rico have strict gun laws and lots of murder. Vermont and the Czech Republic have relatively good gun laws and a low rate of murder.

      All right, so I've shown you facts. I'll await your evidence.