Friday, March 22, 2013

Rachel Maddow - Republicans Trying to Win Hispanic Support


  1. So it doesn't matter what positions a minority takes--we have a quota to fill? Sorry, but Sotomayor is no prize. Filling slots with Hispanics isn't anything but theater. Action is what matters, not the person's name. Obama doesn't exactly have a stellar record on this subject--but hey, given his dismal record in every matter, why should we expect otherwise.

    By the way, is Maddow trying out for The Daily Show?

  2. Poor Rachel, can't see what is right in front of her. Someone should take her down to the border. Our neighbors to the south have large families, generally and do have strong family values. Of course, there are those also that embrace the socialist values of liberal and welfare, food stamps, etc. But, what about abortion. No, No, No. Each little baby they push out is worth money, free money, their Uncle Sam's money, he will support them.
    Then, we take little dyke Rachel, across the border to any pueblocito and find Boys Town where every daddy takes his son, when he reaches puberty, to make sure the boy is macho and not a joto.
    Luckily for the little twit most Mexicans are watching telenovelas or soccer than paying any attention to her.
    My guess is they took those polls in Brazil and asked shemales the questions.

    orlin sellers

  3. Each little baby they push out is worth money, free money, their Uncle Sam's money, he will support them.

    See the problem here Orlin? Those type of comments aren't helping. Maybe republicans can hang on to the house. Next thing to go will be the remaining governorships.

    I'm a little unclear whether you are referring to United States citizens or Central Americans. Pretty sure Rachel was talking about Americans. Funny thing is Bush actually made some pretty decent inroads in this direction. Some of the Latinos who voted for Bush stuck around for Romney. News flash. Not so many. Welcome to the fold, New Mexico and Colorado. Arizona and Texas to come. Squandered. Like everything else they touch, it just vanishes away.

    Thanks for the laugh Mike.