Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cenk Uygur on the Senate's Failure to Approve the Background Checks Bill

Cenk makes an interesting point.  The pro-gun forces should have let the watered down version of the background checks bill pass.  That way many gun control folks would be satisfied with at least a token victory.

But, the way it went down, the gun control side is angry and is not going away.

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  1. We could say the same to you. Your side should have let the national carry reciprocity pass, since it was something that my side wants a great deal and represented only a minor change, considering that many states recognize each other's licenses already.

    By the way, no video is visible--not that I really need to see Fattiturk to know his opinion.

  2. Wait a second--"the gun control side is angry"? Of course you're angry. You're always angry. Angry about your feckless impotence and irrelevance; angry that since "gun control's" zenith in the early/mid-nineties, Americans have been dropping you like a hot rock; and angry that Americans' fundamental human right to keep and bear arms is still Constitutionally protected (all your claims of "bullshit" notwithstanding).

    The truly cool thing, though, is that your "anger" is the shrieking tantrum of a petulant, spoiled, two-year-old, and while annoying to hear at close range, funny as hell to watch from a distance.

  3. O.K., now the video is showing. What Uygur forgets or ignores is the fact that when Bloomingbutt wants something, a whole lot of the country wants the opposite. He's a wealthy, elitist prig who looks with contempt on the rest of us.

    He also forgets that when it comes to rights, we live in a Constitutional republic, not mob rule. Maisch forgets the same thing and prefers to whine about how people didn't bow down to her opinion.

    And here comes the terrorist watch list again. Why do these leftists who otherwise hate anything Bush created line up to support a secret list with no due process? Of course, he believes that gun control would stop a mass shooting--despite the evidence from Norway, for example--so it's no surprise that he swallows any measure of foolishness.