Thursday, October 23, 2014

And meanwhile in the UK...

As Canada gets its share of US Gun violence, the British Parliament faces a different kind of threat:

Steven Abberley charged with House of Commons marble throwing

Yes, a man threw marbles in the Commons (UK Parliament--you know the building with the tower that holds Big Ben) during Prime Minister's question time.
It is claimed Mr Abberley sparked a security alert by hurling the marbles towards MPs during the debate.
Wait, it gets better:
He has also been charged with criminal damage after allegedly scrawling offensive graffiti on a wall on the Parliamentary estate between 6 and 7 May.

MPs and journalists heard a loud bang and shouting at about 12.30 BST on Thursday, but the proceedings were not disturbed.
Yes, but unlike the bangs in North America, this was the clattering of marbles.


  1. Ah yes, the shooting in Canada was just "US Gun Violence" not the second terrorist attack by disgruntled converts in the space of a week.

    Your buffoonery is laughable.

    1. Well, I guess we could call it "American violence."

    2. Well, I guess we could call it "American violence."

      Sure, we could, but I can't imagine what makes this violence uniquely "American." I can think of only one continent on which there may never have been a murder committed with either guns or motor vehicles (or maybe one or the other, or even both, has occurred--I haven't bothered to check).

      "Non-Antarctican violence" has a kinda nice ring to it, don't you think?

    3. So jihad attacks are an American thing, Mike? What a bunch of maroons.

  2. That's your spin on it, Laci, "Canada [got] its share of US Gun violence"? That's idiotic even by your standards.

    Tell me, when Allah's other loyal servant killed a Canadian soldier previously, was that Canada's "share of US car violence"?