Thursday, October 23, 2014

Florida Homeowner Commits a Legitimate DGU, Killing the Intruder

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FOX 13 News


  1. I'm a bit shocked Mike. You have previously claimed encounters like this weren't a legitimate gun use if the intruder is unarmed, as in this case. Did you not catch that in the video? Or have you had a change of opinion?

    1. "“The burglar fired a shot and the homeowner returned fire, striking and killing the intruder,” Wendy Rose, a spokesperson for the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, told a local Fox affiliate. "

      That Wendy Rose is the woman in the video. I think they're the same incident and yes, I can't remember a time when I considered shooting an unarmed burglar legitimate. But in this case not only was Yoder armed but he actually fired at the homeowner. I call it legit.

    2. When I made my first comment the video was referring to this event,

      I then noticed the other link was a different event. I likely should have deleted my first comment, sorry.

  2. Mike, the report from and the video on this post seem to be two different events.

  3. According to Rose, Bane had recently purchased the gun after several break-ins, the most recent being Sunday.

    That would suck for him if you had your "proper gun control" in place with him still waiting on his license.