Monday, October 20, 2014

Bad Dogs

OK, this gave me a real chuckle as a dog person.

Although, I would categorise Congress as being more the out of control type of dog that needs some serious discipline since it is pigging out on treats...

Then again, bad owners end up with bad dogs.

Congress needs some serious "yank and spank" (and stick a bark collar on them to keep them from filibustering).

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  1. Interesting that gun control advocates are trying to both shame those who listen to lobbyists while at the same time trying to mimic the very lobbyists they disapprove of. But at the end of the day, its the voters who really have a say.

    "Part of Bloomberg's ambition is to mimic the tactics that the NRA has used over many years to secure its political dominance in the gun debate."

    In my local Congressional race, the Democratic incumbent has been studiously avoiding Second Amendment issues if at all possible. Sort of bums me out that Giffords' group hasn't put out one of their ads supporting this politician.

    1. Mimicking is usually an admittance that those tactics work well regardless of the truth, or falsehood of the policies, or stated positions.

    2. Well, one difference is the issue of background checks. The politicians who blocked it, in some cases, come from districts where most of the people want them. This will eventually be straightened out, assuming the polls we've been hearing about are accurate.

    3. I don't know if I made my point. The politicians who come from districts that favor background checks but still voted against it are examples of lapdogs. But, when Bloomberg's money begins to have an effect, the politicos who vote in favor of background checks won't be lapdogs, they'll be doing the will of their constituents.