Saturday, October 4, 2014

Another Gun in the Home for Family Protection Allows a Domestic Dispute to Turn Deadly

Daniel and Levette Crespo

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A domestic dispute Tuesday afternoon left the mayor of Bell Gardens, a town just outside of East Los Angeles, dead after his wife allegedly shot him during a fight.
According to local media, Daniel Crespo and his wife Levette were arguing in the bedroom of their southern California home when their son, 19-year-old Daniel Crespo Jr., tried to intervene.
Initial reports indicate that when the son entered the bedroom, the altercation turned physical between Daniel Sr. and Daniel Jr. It was at that point, Levette, fearing for the safety of her son, grabbed a gun and fired several shots, striking her husband in the torso.


  1. "Los Angeles County sheriff's officials say Crespo and his wife, Lyvette, were fighting Tuesday afternoon in their Bell Gardens condominium when their 19-year-old son intervened. The mayor punched the teen in the face, prompting his wife to grab Crespo's handgun and shoot him three times in the upper body, said sheriff's Lt. Steve Jauch, who is overseeing the investigation."

    "Lyvette Crespo's attorney, Eber Bayona, told reporters Thursday that her husband's death was a "very tragic loss for the family." But, he said, his client had long been a victim of domestic violence -- and was prepared to show investigators statements, photographs and other evidences proving such
    Standing 10 yards from the attorneys outside the Bell Gardens police station, the mayor's brother adamantly denied the abuse allegations. William Crespo said his brother constantly worked on city business, and didn't spend much time at home.
    "I never saw any evidence of that. Show me the evidence," he said. "It has to be proven. She doesn't want to go to jail -- that is why she is saying that. I just want justice for my brother."
    “I never saw any evidence of that. Show me the evidence. It has to be proven. She doesn't want to go to jail -- that is why she is saying that. I just want justice for my brother.”
    - William Crespo, brother of Daniel Crespo, on alleged domestic violence
    Sheriff's officials said there were no prior law enforcement calls to the family's Gage Avenue condo, and neighbors told the Los Angeles Times that they hadn't noticed any problems between the couple."

    This situation seems to be pretty confused yet. If the evidence the attorney turns out to be credible, then the question becomes whether it would justify he use of deadly force against another adult involved in a weaponless altercation.
    I'm sort of shocked at Mikes lack of concern regarding the release of the accused or the use of a firearm in a fistfight.

    1. I didn't show a lack of concern about the gun. In fact the whole post is about that, check the title.

      About the shooter having been detained for questioning and later released, I think that's what I usually call for in cases like this. What I object to is the need for a lengthy investigation BEFORE taking the responsible person in for questioning. I don't necessarily want them locked up until charges are brought and a trial can begin. Oh, and of course, I object most strongly to those cases in which the decision is made immediately to bring no changes because it was just an accident.

  2. Then there's this:

  3. "Then there's this:"

    Since you didn't include any particular part of the article, am I correct that your suggesting some legal requirement to protect your children and the penalties involved in failing to do so? She might be able to sell that defense if the son were actually a minor. The one involved here is a full up adult. One that made his own decision to insert himself into the conflict.
    To be honest, i can but applaud him for the move.

  4. Without the gun, this guy would not be dead, and neither would the woman. Guns do not solve problems, and dead men tell no tales. Of COURSE this guy was a threat!! He's dead, and this is obvious. All dead men/women are threats. Only the ones who are not dead are possibly not threats. Whatever it takes to keep the shooter out of jail - that's the story.