Monday, January 12, 2015

Fort Bragg Shooting - Wife Mistakes Husband Soldier for Burglar


Here’s what happened. Earlier Friday morning, 28-year-old Zia Segule left the home he shares with his wife Tiffany in Fayetteville. Tiffany stayed in bed, catching some extra sleep.
But at about 10:15 a.m., Zia Segule unexpectedly came back home. He carried a take-out breakfast to surprise his sleeping wife. At least, he thought she was sleeping.
According to police, the soldier did not attempt to sneak into the house. He simply entered through the front door as he normally would. But in the interim between his departure and return, 27-year-old Tiffany had apparently activated the house’s security alarm system.
When Zia Segule walked through the door, the alarm went off.
The police say they still are not sure whether or not Zia attempted to tell his wife that he was home, or if he tried to shut off the alarm. All they say they know for sure is that Tiffany — perhaps nervous due to a series of break-ins in the area recently — pulled out a gun and fired one round sight unseen, through her closed bedroom door.
The shot struck her husband in the chest.
Fayetteville Police Department Spokesperson Antoine Kincaide said that the pistol-packing wife was “doing what she thought was right” and acting in what she thought was self-defense.
“She woke up. She armed herself and she fired a shot through her bedroom door hitting her husband in the chest,” Kincaide recounted.
“Being a female by herself, there are a lot of people out there doing harm, so you have to do what you have to do to protect yourself,” said one understanding neighbor, Jose Estrella. “Even at night, I wake up at night and say ‘Okay, did I just hear something?’ But I wouldn’t open fire just like that.”


  1. She didn't "mistake" his identity, she never saw what she was shooting at. Negligence.

    1. She mistook him for a burglar. Negligence.

      None of the usual suspects have a comment on this one, they're the ones who encourage people like this to arm themselves because their lives are in constant jeopardy.

    2. None of the usual suspects have a comment . . .

      Am I one of those? Not much to say--she took idiocy to an impressive level. Ain't got shit to do with me, though.

    3. Well it sure does have something to do with you, Kurt. She the kind of person you want to have guns. You don't care about qualifications or responsibility. Guns for everyone. Right?

    4. She['s] the kind of person you want to have guns.

      I leave that choice up to her, and if she asks me (unlikely), I would suggest that she seek some instruction on when it's appropriate to pull the trigger.

      I certainly want her right to have guns protected, but I'm not so grandiosely deluded as to believe that any of my efforts have led to any difference in whether or not she could have firearms.