Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kentucky Cop Shoots Himself in a Gun Store and Sues Them

Opposing Views


  1. I saw this video yesterday but hadn't read the story behind it. First, to "Opposing Views" for managing to fit so many mistakes in one article, here's your sign. They managed to put the event in the wrong country and gave me a good chuckle when they referred to a .380 as a powerful handgun.
    As for the injured officer, I personally would have a hard time bringing this type of lawsuit because IMHO, its a toss-up as to who's more negligent. Yes, the salesperson didn't clear the piece before handing it over, but then neither did the guy who will now forever have issues with touch typing.
    It also appears that he might not have lost his job. His attorney says he wont be going back to work, but apparently not due to any action by his employer,

    "A press release issued by GPD a day after the incident said Smith was initially treated at T.J. Samson Community Hospital and was then taken to Jewish Hospital in Louisville, where he underwent surgery. It added that Smith would return to duty March 28."

    1. The clerk is probably a concealed carry permit holder. The other bumbling idiot is a cop. Yet, these two dangerous characters will not be part of any statistics that can be used to show how dangerous lawful gun owners are.

  2. Two idiots handling a loaded gun. What could possibly go wrong?