Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gunloon Stands Her Ground Against Own Breasts

Christina Bond (Facebook)Law enforcement officials in Michigan said that they learned this week that an elected Republican official who had recently shot herself to death had been adjusting her bra holster when the accident occurred.

Earlier this year, St. Joseph Public Safety officers reported that 55-year-old Christina Bond had died on New Years Day from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to her eye.


  1. When I bought my current holster, I put it where I wanted it, holstered weapon, decided on adjustment, unholstered, made adjustment, repeated as needed. And of course, the holster should cover the trigger. It will be interesting to see what holster it was since I'm betting it doesn't normally point the gun upward.

  2. She always held her guns close to her heart.

    May this rate another hateful comment.

  3. Another genius gun loon like the ones that comment here.

  4. Poor stupid gullible woman who believed the pro-gun bullshit, first of all that she needed a gun to protect herself and secondly, that the ridiculous bra holster was a good idea.