Friday, June 19, 2015

Connecticut Dad Gets Special Probation for Shooting his 11-Year-old Son in the Face

Vincent Pizzolato, of Monroe, accused of accidentally shooting his 11-year-old son in the face while he was securing his wife's gun, was granted a special form of probation Thursday, June 18, 2015. Photo: Brian A. Pounds / File Photo / Connecticut Post
Vincent Pizzolato

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A Monroe father, accused of accidentally shooting his 11-year-old son in the face while securing his wife’s gun, was granted a special form of probation Thursday.
While Superior Court Judge Earl Richards said he considered the incident to be serious, he was gratified the boy suffered no permanent injuries and said he was convinced the father, Vincent Pizzolato, would not commit criminal acts in the future. Richards granted the 44-year-old Pizzolato accelerated rehabilitation.

Under accelerated rehabilitation, Pizzolato, who was charged with second-degree assault, second-degree reckless endangerment and unlawful discharge of a firearm for the March 8 incident, did not plead guilty to the crime but was placed on two years’ probation. If he commits no crimes during that probation, the charges against him will be dismissed.

Police said Pizzolato and his wife had earlier returned home from target practice at the Bridgeport Shooting range. Pizzolato had taken both guns into the basement and, after putting his own gun into a safe, he began securing his wife’s Ruger 9mm semi-automatic handgun. At the time, their son was in the adjoining basement TV room playing video games.

Police said Pizzolato told them he had his wife’s gun pointed at the wall separating the two rooms as he checked the chamber and magazine, both which appeared empty. He pulled the trigger and the gun fired, the bullet piercing a plastic rifle case and the sheetrock wall before hitting his son.


  1. "State prosecutors did not object to the granting of accelerated rehabilitation and both the boy and his mother, Pizzolato’s wife, urged the judge to grant Pizzolato the probation."

    A liberal state with enough "common sense" gun laws to earn it a grade of A- from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence and there are still issues with a lack on concentration when it comes to clearing weapons.
    This plea deal was approved by both sides. I personally would have preferred to the article to at least entertain the concept that he messed up when he cleared the weapon. One common way that occurs in the military is to clear the chamber before removing the magazine. When the slide is released, it chambers another round.
    Nowhere do I see Mr. Pizzolato come out and say he screwed up.

    1. And nowhere did I see that he'll be disarmed in the future. Guys like this, who prove their inability to safely handle guns, should lose their right to own them.

  2. Maybe they watched this video: