Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Open-Carrying Guy Has His Brand-New Pistol Stolen at Gunpoint

An Oregon man taking advantage of the state's open carry laws had his new semiautomatic pistol stolen at gunpoint early Saturday morning, and apparently didn't put up a fight.

Gresham, Ore., police say former gun owner William Coleman III was talking to his cousin on the street around 2 a.m., openly displaying the Walther P22 he had purchased Friday. 

According to the Oregonian, Coleman told cops a 20-something man walked up to the two and asked for a cigarette. When he noticed Coleman's gun, the stranger pulled his own pistol from the waistband of his sweatpants.

"I like your gun, give it to me," Coleman says the robber told him. He complied, and the man walked away with the gun. 

Open carry is legal in Multnomah County with or without a concealed weapons license, but even gun rights advocates think Coleman made a huge mistake by flaunting his new firearm.


  1. There's another reason not to smoke cigarets.

  2. Old story. I guess these events are precious enough for reuse/recycle.

  3. Baldr must be a pretty busy man since he is still looking at last year's news and apparently didn't notice the two previous postings for this on Mike's blog,

    As I've said before, my preference is to carry concealed though Minnesota doesn't require it. Have you noticed that this type of crime doesn't seem to happen very frequently considering that the majority of states allow open carry in some form?
    Though this sounds like a fine testimonial for Constitutional carry which would allow him to conceal if he wished. But that is entirely his decision.

    1. Well, I'd bet it happens a lot more than is reported. Most guys would be too embarrassed to report it.

  4. The rules against keeping those guns and using them needs to be made more harsh and strict. The no of killings is increasing day by day.The people who are having guns even if they had never went to any firearm training school and joined any Firearms safety training classes so don't understand the harm that do to others and the persons associated with them. Americans are simply crazy about having guns.

    1. Americans are simply crazy about having guns.

      An unarmed American is a lesser American, an inferior American, an American who has signaled her or his willingness to submit to serf-like docility to her or his armed government masters. A European, basically.

      We must remain vastly better than that.

      And we shall.