Sunday, July 26, 2015

Luxury Firearms

Firegild Exclusive Custom FirearmFiregild Exclusive Custom Firearms


Firegild, a boutique designer of custom firearms, is redefining luxury firearms with limited edition and custom designed firearms catering to the discerning gun owner.
Focused on creating a truly personalized firearm that makes a statement, Firegild incorporates precious and semi-precious gems such as sapphires, garnets, rubies, emeralds and even diamonds to create one-of-a-kind works of art that reflect the owner’s personal style.
“At Firegild we understand that there is more to a firearm than just its utilitarian look and application. A firearm can make a statement, a bold statement, that announces to the world that its owner isn’t just another among the crowd, but instead an individual who stands apart with a unique style and sensibility,” said Firegild owner Polly Davis Ditch, a lifelong gun owner and a longtime firearms industry insider.
“That is why Firegild creates highly customized firearms to match the unique style of our customers. We work with only the top firearms manufactures and use the finest gems and customer finishes to create a handgun that is not just a tool for personal protection but a personal statement of individual style.”


  1. Some interesting firearms, but I tend to favor function over form. So I'll stick with the stock, no frills look.

    1. I've been meaning to ask you how you like the Para, now that you've had it for a while.

    2. "I've been meaning to ask you how you like the Para, now that you've had it for a while."

      I actually had to send it in twice for factory repair for issues with the trigger and the safety. Didn't cost me a cent for the repairs, though waiting for it to be sipped back was maddening.
      I'm now looking to run some carry ammo through it and then see how it carries.

    3. Does that mean you don't like it? Sounds like a POS if you needed repairs twice, even if they were covered.

    4. "Does that mean you don't like it?"

      I've owned a Para Ordinance pistol previously and was quite happy with it, which is why I bought this one. I had honestly thought that they had gone out of business.
      When I found out they were not only in business, but has a model with everything I would want in the way of sights and an ambidextrous safety, I quickly ordered it through one of those evil online gun dealers.
      When I ordered the pistol I was able to fine an equally evil "kitchen table gun dealer" (an old term from the 80's) to perform the transaction very close to my home.
      I was honestly disappointed when the mechanical issues cropped up, but the company did their best to make things right. The 1911 design is a proven performer and has shown itself to be very reliable. Now that these issues are corrected, I'm looking forward to seeing if I want to make it my normal carry piece.