Thursday, August 20, 2015

Gun Laws Associated With Lower Suicide Rates

A new study has found that four gun laws are significantly associated with lower rates of firearm suicide.

Researchers gathered data on the presence or absence of four firearm laws in each state: waiting periods for gun purchases, background checks for purchase or licensing, hand gun locks, and restrictions on the open carrying of handguns. Then they collected the data on gun suicide rates in each state. The study is in The American Journal of Public Health.

After controlling for population density, race and ethnicity, education, poverty and age, they found that each of the four laws was associated with a lower rate of suicide by gun as well as a lower overall rate of suicide.

In 11 states with waiting periods, the longer the waiting period, the lower the gun suicide rate. Compared with states without the laws, background checks were associated with a 53 percent lower gun suicide rate, gun locks with a 68 percent lower rate, and restrictions on open carrying a 42 percent lower rate.


  1. Uh...yeah. States with a lot of gun control get that way because they don't have a lot of gun owners who fight for their rights. States without a lot of gun owners also don't have a lot of people who kill themselves with guns.

    Bloomberg could have just paid me to say that.

  2. Given the facts about people who consider suicide, it's not strange at all, that the longer the waiting period, the fewer suicides by gun. The waiting period is not stopping any citizen who is eligible from getting a gun.

    1. It stopped Carole Bowne.

    2. BS, TS
      Your proven moniker.

    3. Really anon? Really? You deny even the facts provided? Undeniable facts?

      Boy, you really take the cake as a self proven liar.