Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Meat Loaf

A funny story.

"We were doubly blessed."


  1. Wer'd, I shouldn't be surprised we disagree again. This is more than a great rock song, this is rock and roll theater. This song brings up incredible feelings and nostalgic recollections of a youthful time that many of us experienced - maybe you missed it.

    And it's much more too. The theatrical message is a timeless one of the struggle between the sexes during adolescence, the boy trying to experience and the girl trying to resist. It's powerful. I'm sorry you can't enjoy it.

  2. Find one with Patti Russo instead.

  3. Gee, i thought Weer'd loves to live in the past! Maybe you need to find some Guy Lombardo for far-right folks like him to enjoy.

  4. I post lots of good tunes over at my Place, Muddy! You're always welcome.

    Also I'm perplexed that such a direct personal attack made it past MikeB's very unbiased commenting policy. Mayhapes it was a mistake?

  5. I remember growing up in the late 70s when I was a kid (under 10) and hearing the Yankee sports broadcaster Phil Roseto do the play by play. As a Yankee fan growing up, I thought it was a cool part of the song. Now I know what both the play by play menas in the song and also how sports in America are part of the weapons of mass distraction the elites in society placate the masses with.

  6. MikeB, I am honestly curious, how is Mudrake's rude comment not in violation of your commenting policy?

  7. Ok, Mike, you read my comment and approved it, but why won't you answer my question?

  8. Weer'd. Sorry for not answering sooner. Muddy makes an occasional snide remark. You and Bob have been repeatedly vicious and unbelievable persistent in your personal attacks on me. That's the difference.

    Bob, I'm sorry I've deleted about a dozen comments of yours in a row. When you ask about a subject that I've clearly stated I won't talk about, I delete the comment. Everyone else seems to be able to discuss the issues, what's your problem? I consider this a form of personal attack and I don't allow it.

    If you want to get back in the ball game, please do. You have lots of good stuff to offer, I don't know why you waste your time on the other thing.

  9. Muddy makes an occasional snide remark. You and Bob have been repeatedly vicious and unbelievable persistent in your personal attacks on me. That's the difference.

    So basically you don't apply your comment policy objectively. You're saying that Muddy and Weer'd could make identical comments, yet you'd delete Weer'ds.

    Why am I not surprised?

  10. So how many snide remarks per unit time can one make NOT to upset your commenting policy, Mike?

    Also, does this have any bearing on how many constructive comments are made per every snide one?

    Because Bob and I seem to have the maximum numbers of censorship, but also we comment a lot on the issues. Meanwhile Muddy does nothing but insults.

    I'm very curious here.

  11. Still here, still curious.

    Also I'm curious how you can obviously be at the switchboard of your blog to read and approve/censor posts, but not be around to respond.

    Especially since you rarely respond more than a few lines, and never cite any sort of factual research...

  12. Weer'd, That's enough. If you keep this up I'll have to add another reason for deleting comments - ball breaking.