Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stephen Colbert on Glenn Beck

From the Liberal Viewer. "Free association conspiracy theory ethos."
Great stuff and as a bonus a new word.


  1. The difference is, people who watch Colbert know it's a joke. People who watch Beck are taking him dead seriously.

    "It's only funny until someone is lynched by a mob."

  2. What I'm curious about is are there any conservatives who watch Glenn Beck?

    I'm sure the Republican Cheerleaders, and Gorge Bush Apologists will watch anything, so long as it's listed as "Conservative" or "Republican".

    But honestly, it seems that the only place I find linked Beck videos are liberal blogs.

    Seems like there are a LOT of lefties who tune in every night.

  3. I can see (merely based on the video links) that mikeb watches far more of Glenn Beck than I do.

  4. I only see the guy on the internet, and interestingly as Weer'd mentioned, mainly on liberal sites.

    When I lived in the States I would sometimes watch those late-night television evangelists. It's the same fascination I have for Glenn Beck.