Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rep. Alan Grayson on Helath Care

via Phuck Politics


  1. If this asshole can get re-elected I'll be very sad.

  2. Something to consider, MikeB...

    Unemployment is now above 10%.

    The more people that die due to a lack of health insurance, the more open jobs available to the living.

    Both the dems and the repugs want a high death rate, in any sub-section, in the short term so that unemployment numbers will drop due to living people filling jobs previously held by now dead people.

    If you think ANY politico acutualy cares about "we the people," then you are truly a strange breed.

  3. Sorry,,, I don't watch shit from shit who can't articulate a point without cussing.

    Phuck is a dead letter.

  4. "Why is this guy an asshole?"

    pot meet kettle!

  5. @kaveman - Right...

    @Weer'd - Nice explanation.