Friday, November 27, 2009

The Biggest Conspiracy and Coverup of the 20th Century

De Rosa World has been running a fantastic month-long series of posts about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The latest episode is about the bullets or about the "magic bullet" I should say.

Inasmuch as no complete bullet of any size could be located in the brain area and likewise no bullet could be located in the back or any other area of the body as determined by total body X-Rays and inspection revealing there was no point of exit, the individuals performing the autopsy were at a loss to explain why they could find no bullets.

Lee Harvey Oswald's murder and Jack Ruby's death and the subsequent Warren Report which determined no other shooters where involved besides Oswald, was probably the beginning of my life-long cynicism and distrust of the government. I had always thought these attitudes in me had begun during Viet Nam, but Daisy helped me trace it back to the Kennedy assassination when I was 10 years old.

What's your opinion? Do you think conspiracy theories are the stuff of liberals or conservatives? Or do they perhaps cross over into both camps? Do you agree that the government did a con job on the American people back in the 1960s? How does it compare to the more blatant conning Bush and Cheney did in 2001, associating Saddam Hussein with 9/11?

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  1. That's quite a question.
    I believe there are always conspiracies and coverups. That's the way the demented human mind works.
    I believe we are always being manipulaed subtlely, or blatantly by forces trying to influence the way we percieve the world.
    i also believe that as humans, if things don't go the way we want them to, we tend to naturlly look for "plots" or forces bigger tan we are working against us.
    I suppose I operate by the X Files dictum: Believe Everything, Trust No One....
    But, actually, I am naturally a skeptic and I tend over time to be able to see through plots and conspiracy fantasies.
    I actually believe the Kennedy assasination was much more complex and the layers of time have obscured so much...
    I do see a connection involving organized crime that is more criminal than political.

  2. Discrepancies in the autopsy are most likely explained by lack of experience. There was a turf war over who did the autopsy, and rather than a trained ane experienced but local forensic pathologist, the body was transported and the autopsy was performed by Federal doctors without extensive forensic training.

    I'm sure that there are details that we don't know, some details have been covered up. The likelihood of an extensive conspiracy, or major details being covered up is very small.

  3. People blame Vietnam, hippies, beatnicks, the "military-industrial-complex", Nixon, religion, the '60s, even the Beatles for the social changes that took place in the 1970's-early '80s.

    I think what started it all was the publishing of the Warren Commission. When that multi-volume of junk was released, even staunch, died-in-the-wool ultra conservative flag waving types realized what a load of bull shit they were being given to swallow.

    This was the first time following World War II that everyone across every political and social spectrum in America came to doubt the government.

  4. Sevesteen said...
    Discrepancies in the autopsy are most likely explained by lack of experience

    Well if they couldn't find an experienced forensic pathologist to perform an autopsy on the US President, what chance would the ordinary mortal's - erm - mortal remains have of capable analysis.

  5. Forget a sniper. Take a deer hunter to Dallas. Walk the plaza. Look at the motorcade route; the stops the motorcade made; where Oswald supposedly made the shot from; the angle he had to make it from....
    If your BS meter is working it will peg.

  6. Fat White Man: This was the first time following World War II that everyone across every political and social spectrum in America came to doubt the government.

    Well said.

    My grandfather (see the link) was a Taft-type Republican, and he was the very first person I ever heard say "this whole thing stinks"... and the fact that it came from HIM had quite an impact on me.

    We couldn't say the words "Kennedy" or "Oswald" without him shaking his head and announcing, once again, that the whole thing stank, and sometimes he would even hold his (conservative) nose for emphasis...

  7. I like what FatWhitMan said very much. Everybody on both sides of the political spectrum recognized that bullshit.

    So, are we all agreed then that the biggest conspiracy and cover-up of the 20th century happened in the 60s and the biggest one of the 21st century happened right in the beginning of it? In 2001 Bush and Co. pulled one over on us that will be hard to beat over the next 90 years. What do you think?