Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fair Warning From Breda

On the pro-gun blog called The Breda Fallacy this post was entitled fair warning.

I am now and forevermore going to be deleting comments by mikeb302000 because all he ever does is come here and try to stir up arguments. This is not a person who wants a real debate, or who can be swayed to a more 2A-friendly mindset. He's a troll, despite all attempts to appear otherwise. He knows nothing about guns except he that he hates them, and us. He's also been using my blog to link to his own posts in the comment section, seeking blog hits and attention and I simply won't allow that.Anonymous comments will be closed down until further notice as well.

At the moment there are 10 comments, every single one in agreement. Now, I don't know about you but after hearing repeatedly how the major anti-gun sites don't allow comments, as if it were proof of their inferiority, for a pro-gun blogger to say what Breda said and ALL of the pro-gun commenters express agreement is extremely funny. What do you think? What's your opinion?

By e-mail I sent Breda this response.


I swear to god you've got me completely wrong - except for the part about wanting to link back to my blog for the hits. The rest is wrong, really.

I'm getting some enjoyment out of seeing your and your commenters hypocrisy, deleting my comments on your part and approving of it on theirs, after reviling the so-called anti-gun sites for not accepting comments. But, I'm mainly sorry about your decision. It's what I would call ironic hypocrisy.

I thought you were a tough girl or at least that you try to encourage that perception. My challenging you on your sloppy muzzle control, if you noticed, was met with a number of agreeing comments by pro-gun guys. When you posted that video I was one of the first or perhaps the first to comment and I think it was rather respectful. My other comments on your site were not all that frequent or all that "troll-like" to warrant your decision, in my opinion. I certainly don't think you're afraid to debate with me or that you realize I'm right and you're wrong and that's why you're doing this. So what could it be?

Anyway, it's your blog, you do what you like. I hope you don't mind too much if I link to you from time to time, starting with this one entitled "Fair Warning." And of course, you're more than welcome to comment on my site. I probably won't find it necessary to delete yours unless you call me names or something, but I don't think that's your style.

All the best,



I wanted to say something else about this oft-repeated accusation that I don't change my mind no matter how convincing the arguments against me.

It is true on the major issues of gun control and gun violence I haven't, but there are some examples of things I have changed on. One is the 90% of guns confiscated in Mexico, another is the AWB, there are others.

But the bigger point is I haven't changed my mind because I don't find the arguments convincing. I could accuse the pro-gun writers of this as well. After all I've said, you guys still don't get it. What's the matter with you? You must be mentally ill or lying. There's no other explanation, so I guess I'll have to break off discussions.

I don't do that because I enjoy the discussions. That's the bottom line, isn't it?

Please feel free to leave a comment.


  1. I am friendly to the Second Amendment, the US should abolish its military and set up a Swiss style system immédiatement (oder sofort)!

    That's what the Second Amendment guarantees me.

    And for Sevasteen, not having a large military expenditure if quite a freedom.

    Notice that the blog is called the Breda Fallacy. Hmmm!

  2. Sorry, on many levels, she's right. You have shown no interest in facts or accuracy of arguments, usually refusing to provide any to support your own beliefs. I had originally followed your Blog since you initially appeared interested in true discussion and evaluation of facts, trying to come to conclusions. Instead, you tend to ignore the facts you don't like, and read into things that support your already-made-up mind.

    Sad, since I really can't understand that mindset. Sort of like the people who KNOW how we're supposed to drink 8 glasses of water every day...despite there being no actual evidence of this.

  3. When a person has to revert to the 'troll' character assassination trick, the game's over.

  4. The pro-gun people often like to brag that they supposedly allow ALL comments... but I've noticed they engage in as much gate-keeping as any other hard-core ideologues.

    And sometimes lots more.

  5. There is a significant difference between deleting one person's comments and not allowing comments by anyone.

  6. AztecRed pointed out, "There is a significant difference between deleting one person's comments and not allowing comments by anyone."

    That's true. And there's also the hilarity of people who call themselves pro-freedom and pro-rights defending the practice.

    cj, do you really think she's right "on many levels?" How do you reconcile that with all the derogatory comments we've heard about the Bradys and the Gun Guys disallowing comments? How do you reconcile it with the favored epithets of the pro-gun crowd that they're pro-freedom and pro-rights? Since when is censorship a part of that?

    Calling me a troll is just silly, I'm anything but that. You may not approve of my methods, usually not providing support and tending to ignore what I don't like, but calling me a troll just doesn't work. I know you didn't do that but that's what Breda did and you're supporting her.

    You and the rest of the pro-gun crowd should get off that sycophantic thing you're all on with Breda and have the balls to admit that she posted a video which violated two of the 4 Rules. That's not acceptable, I don't care if the video was a joke or if everyone "knew the gun was unloaded," like Mike W. said in one of his sillier moments, that behaviour is not acceptable with guns.

    There is one level upon which she is right. It's her blog and she can do what she wants over there. But don't try to tell me it's right on many levels. That's bullshit.

  7. How do you reconcile that with all the derogatory comments we've heard about the Bradys and the Gun Guys disallowing comments?

    Because the anti-gun sites either don't allow comments AT ALL or they heavily moderate comments so that only one viewpoint is ever shown. Breda has done nothing of the sort.

    Breda banned you because she finds you ignorant, annoying, and not worth dealing with. That is NOT the same as doing what your anti-gun friends do, which is to filter out ALL dissenting opinion (or close comments entirely like GunGuys, Brady's, or Laci )

    BTW - Nice of you to take a shot at me. I stand by what I said about Breda's video. Having discussed it with the people who were present I think I'll go with their interpretation over yours, especially since you cannot tell fact from fiction.

  8. Mudrake wrote When a person has to revert to the 'troll' character assassination trick, the game's over.

    Mudrake, do you realize how often you use the troll character assassination trick --and impersonation and intimidation/harrassment tricks as well? You need to repent.
    And you moderate out perfectly fair contributions to your topics.

    What happened to your fellow blog contributors anyway?

  9. Don't feel bad about being kicked off a blog, Mikeb. I know all about that --and Mudrake knows how to do it, too, to just one blogger or two --always women in his case.

    The people who deserve to be kicked off are those who are nasty and verbally abusive --I try not to be that way --and so do you.

    Carry on with your consistent blog --and I like that you ask for people's opinions. Good job.

  10. Thanks Barb, I appreciate what you said.