Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Deadly Shooting in Oregon

Katu.com reports on a deadly police shooting in Cornelius, Oregon. Listening to our friend kaveman, I was starting to think the State of Oregon was some kind of Pacific Paradise of Peace. In a recent discussion about guns in bars, he said one can even drink while carrying a gun. "Hasn't been a problem," says kaveman.

I realize this story has nothing to do with drinking, or at least that wasn't written, and it has nothing to do with the law which allows concealed carry in bars, but it does give us a glimpse into what happens from time to time even in Oregon.

Reports came in that a man was shooting from a moving vehicle. The police naturally gave chase. The pursued man turned out to be one Shawn Schumacher, 28 years old, and not interested in surrendering to the cops.

Cornelius officers and a sheriffs deputy tried to set up spike strips "to flatten the tires of Mr. Schumacher's vehicle" at North Adair Street and North 13th Avenue. However, they ran out of time.

Instead, they said Schumacher took care of stopping himself. Driving "very fast" through Cornelius, he collided with a Ford van while attempting to pass on the right in heavy traffic.

The impact with the van caused extensive damage to Schumacher's vehicle, rendering it immobile. It was reported he was slumped over the steering wheel immediately after the crash.

A sheriff's deputy and two Cornelius officers approached Schumacher's crashed vehicle. As they did, they said Schumacher "emerged with a handgun in each hand and started shooting at them."

Schumacher is believed to have shot at least one bullet into a patrol car. The deputy and officers said they returned fire.

Schumacher was struck with more than one bullet, and was pronounced dead at the scene. The deputy and police officers were not harmed during this incident.

I'll bet he "was struck with at least one bullet." In a case like this, if he was struck with fifty bullets, it would be justified, wouldn't you agree? Would you consider this a case of "suicide by cop?"

This could be a discussion for another day, but these incidents of suicide by cop must skew the numbers. Each one would be counted as a justified shooting and not a suicide. Isn't that right?

What's your opinion? Do incidents like this one happen everywhere? Is Oregon just a susceptible to this kind of violence as everywhere else?

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  1. I've never claimed Oregon to be a paradise in terms of our lack of violent crime. The Portland metro area is rife with gangs like so many other large cities in the US.

    I do find it interesting that you don't mention the mescaline lab found in his home.