Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Great Fun with Palin and Shatner

Via Osmoothie.


  1. Oh, if only Shatner had been alloted the entire 4 minutes, the rendering would have been so much more salient. Too bad the Boob from Alaska had to waste his time.

  2. Are you sure that's not Tina Fey? I would love to see her do an improvisation on why Palin named her kid Bristol since Bristols is slang for tits over here.

  3. 4:20 seconds of my life I wish I could have back. Nothing like the weapons of mass distraction and corporate USA helping the popularity of Salin Palin.
    I guess the reappearance of him reading a book instead of a teleprompter like Palin did, was to prove to people he could read the small print and wasn't drunk like he was on the last Conan appearance. Like Leno before him, corporate kiss ass boy, Letterman is the man for late night.

  4. Il Principe, Your problem is you're too young to be a true William Shatner fan like I am. When he's introduced as a master thespian that's no bullshit. Some of those original Star Trek episodes are studied in drama schools.

    And besides, I thought Sarah Palin actually came off pretty well.

  5. I love Star Trak just as much as the generation who were old enough to see them as first run episodes. I watch them all the time on YouTube, instead of watching any american live television. I was analyzing the difference of the two styles and how corporate USA helped make Palin out to be funny. The problem with modern society and modern democracies is how the politicians have used the medium of television to their advantage. The less people watch politicians on tv and read about them on the on line news services, voters will see how fake and stupid they really are.
    Shatner is a great actor and I liked him in a lot of things he has done from the Twilight Zone to TJ Hooker. Mud Rake said it best when he said that Palin took up all his time. Just another example to me as corporate USA (GE owner of NBC) using her for their ultimate advantage.