Friday, December 18, 2009

Zappadan Festival 2009 - Day 14



  1. As you said, I love it when we are on the same wave I posted a piece with Frank from 1981 on Crossfire wit Bob Novak where he uses the hitherto uncoined term, "Fascist Theology".
    The animation was brilliant and the voice seemed to be one of the voices on my imac.....

  2. You should do "Hungry Freaks, Daddy"

    Mr. america, walk on by your schools that do not teach
    Mr. america, walk on by the minds that won't be reached
    Mr. america try to hide the emptiness that's you inside
    But once you find that the way you lied
    And all the corny tricks you tried
    Will not forestall the rising tide of hungry freaks daddy!

    This blog is full of comments from "the minds that won't be reached".