Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Concealed Carry is on the Rise

The Lima Ohio Daily Me reports on the incredible increase in concealed carry permits in their part of Ohio. The link was provided by one of our favorite commenters, FatWhiteMan.

The number of people obtaining licenses to carry a concealed handgun exploded in 2009 up as high as 500 percent in the region.

"I hope criminals think twice before they attempt to steal from someone or harm someone," said Auglaize County Sheriff Al Solomon, who saw the number of concealed-carry licenses go up by 500 percent.

Solomon's department issued 464 new licenses in 2009 compared to 93 the previous year. But his agency is not alone. Putnam County Sheriff Jim Beutler issued 139 new licenses compared to 31 in 2008, an increase of 448 percent.

Allen County more than doubled its number issued at 684 last year compared to 323 in 2008. The county has 1,867 license holders, although some are from nearby counties. The number of license holders in Allen County represents nearly 2 percent of the population, which mirrors the state as a whole.

Allen County Sheriff Sam Crish said people obtaining licenses should put criminals on notice that people are serious about protecting themselves. And those people come from all walks of life from women to men, old, young and all professions, he said.

"With the numbers growing, it's a huge risk if you're committing some type of offense you don't know who may be carrying," Crish said.

According to the pro-gun crowd this will lead to such a decrease in crime that the benefits will be indisputable.

According to the gun control folks, the results will be a clear increase in gun accidents and those terrible incidents of concealed carry guys going off the deep end. Stolen weapons would increase too.

Whatever happens, it should become clear, don't you think?


  1. My prediction: No statistically significant change in crime or gun accidents, as that is what has happened other places.

    But in a few situations, not enough to affect overall statistics, victims will turn the tables on a violent criminal and save their their life and perhaps the life of someone they love.

    If just one child is saved, isn't that enough?

    A better title for this post might be:

    "Citizens of Ohio are swept up by a sudden wave of patriotism and parental responsibility! Kudos Ohioans!"


  2. "Citizens of Ohio are swept up by a sudden wave of patriotism and parental responsibility!

    What a lunatic! Hopefully this sentence was tongue-in-cheek, but knowing the pathology of the gun nuts, it is symptomatic of their mental illness.

  3. Muddy Rake ... my friend ...

    I understand what you're going through. As the wisdom of pro-gun bloggers batters at the walls of anti-gun ignorance you have built around yourself, you are starting to realize just how wrong you have been, and how much damage you have done to America and your fellow citizens. And how much blood you and your anti-gun brethren have on your hands for denying fellow citizens the ability defend themselves.

    Denial and anger are the first stage of wisdom. And I can see that's where we have you now.

    But I'm here to guide and education, not attack. I look forward to when you finally quit fighting against that which you have learned from the posts of we "gun nuts;" That gun ownership is wise and honorable and something every right thinking American wants.

    From me ... nothing but love, Muddy Rake, nothing but love. Because that's how I roll.

  4. What a Troll. Hopfully that response was tongue-in-cheek, but knowing the pathology of Anti-rights nuts, it is symptomatic of their mental illness.

    See? Trolling isn't that amazing, anyone can do it. Even "mentally ill gun nuts"!
    Would you like to add to the discussion now?

    Anyways, I would think that gun accidents would increase ever so slightly, I would guess not even double (dispite 5x the guns) and violent crime would decrease while property crimes increase. That's my prediction.

  5. Just to note ... I really don't mean to be a troll, though I know I've crossed the line at times. I really am trying to bring some humor and panache to the table and not just post a long and boring comment. I'll try and be careful.

  6. Ohio has had a couple of years of over 100,000 and over 1% license holders--I'd think there should be enough data to extrapolate by now.

  7. Sorry, Stephen, I was trying to poke at Mud Rake and his choice to insult others rather than contribute to the debate.

  8. Stephen said, "I really am trying to bring some humor and panache."

    You do and I appreciate it.