Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Steve Lee's Video

The Sydney Morning Herald reports on the controversy surrounding Steve Lee's very popular video. In the six weeks it's been on Youtube, it's had 1.2 million views, a few of which I'm happy to report came from right here.

It seems the gun control folks in Australia are up in arms about what they consider "irresponsible," especially since some of the weapons in the video are banned.

What's your opinion? Does it make sense that people who are against guns would take exception to a video like this? Does their concern that it glorifies guns and increases the problem make sense?

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.


  1. "Does it make sense that people who are against guns would take exception to a video like this?"

    It makes perfect sense. The gun controllers invest lots of time and money into demonizing guns.

    Then this guy comes along and makes guns look ridiculously fun (which they can be). And to add insult to injury, he's received more attention and press time in the past month than many anti-gun organizations get in an entire year.

  2. Gun control is not about crime it is about control. It makes perfect sense to me that anyone that would want to control guns would also want to control free speech as well.

    Again, liberals are ban happy. They don't like something, they want to ban it. Normal people that don't like a video simply do not watch it.

  3. Direct link to the YouTube video for those that are interested:


  4. It's actually really sad. Anti-gunners are getting their panties in a twist over a VIDEO of guns!

    More proof that gun control is all about irrational, illogical emotionally-based reactions.