Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Clean Defensive Shooting

The Armed Citizen wrote up a story, I'm not exactly sure why. I guess it qualifies as a DGU, but it supports more of my ideas than theirs.

After a man was shot and critically injured in front of a west Omaha house early Friday, his father fired back at the assailant.

So far so good, right. No one could complain about that. But, the story goes on to describe wild shooting on the part of the father at a target who may have already been fleeing.

Richard Hall, then fired off some .22 caliber rounds from a rifle at the assailant as he ran off...

Worse yet, while failing to hit the target, the house across the street was riddled.

A number of rounds hit a house across the street. One missed Jennifer Hiner’s head by just over a foot.
Do you think the Armed Citizen is so desperate to keep up its numbers that it even includes stories like this? I realize to claim millions of cases a year, you'd have to include every possible one, but are the truly clean DGUs really so rare that this one made it on the blog?

I noticed that comments are closed over there. That's pretty funny too. I remember a year or so ago, many gun bloggers disparaged the Brady Blog and the Gun Guys for that, but lately it's become quite acceptable for them to do this very thing. They used to call it censorship and anti-freedom. They used to claim that banning people from commenting and moderating comments was a gun control trick because we had the weaker argument and had to resort to those tactics as a result. The times have changed, have they not.

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  1. MikeB,

    I am sure you are aware and will agree that a gun blog that closes comments is about as rare as an anti that allows them. You need to remember that you are definitely in the minority of anti-gunners.

  2. Thanks for the compliment, but my point is, it's no longer so clearly divided.

  3. Name me ONE major anti-gun blog that does not close comments entirely or moderate them heavily to steer the discussion in their favor.

    You can't name any, because NONE OF THEM ALLOW OPEN COMMENTING.

    I can't think of a single gun blog BTW that has a closed comments section. Not one. In fact, most have extremely open policies that are far more liberal than your own blog.