Saturday, May 29, 2010

Harvey Police Recover Machine Gun

The Post Tribune reports on the partial success of the Harvey Police in recovering an Uzi sub-machine gun which had been stolen from their shooting range earlier this month.

A Harvey, Ill., man is in custody on a felony gun charge, and a fully automatic submachine gun stolen in a burglary of Harvey, Ill., police firing range has been recovered.

Delekeists Quan Walls, 19, was charged in Lake Superior Court with felony possession of a machine gun.

Walls' bail is $20,000 surety, or $2,000 cash.

Does that seem like a low bail to you? I mean, anybody can come up with 2 grand and be back on the street doing their thing. Is this what they mean by excessively strict gun laws in Chicago?

What do you suppose happened with the other 20 weapons that were stolen? Maybe when young Walls makes bail he'll lead the investigators to them.

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  1. So at what point are you going declare that the Harvey Police should lose their right to own firearms?

    If an average Joe Blow had a machine gun stolen from them, you'd be on your "shared responsibility" soap-box advocating that Joe Blow is just as responsible as the criminal and that he should be charged for not properly storing his firearms, have his remaining firearms confiscated, and that he banned from ever purchasing a gun ever again.

  2. Poor AztecRed, He hasn't seen the light ond logic of the gunbanning crowd.

    The Police have a magic talisman that make them superior in their gun handling skills and since, as employees of the state, they are first class citizens, they are not subject to MikeB's wishlist of punishments and prohibitions that would otherwise be levied on us second class citizens.

  3. Aztec, You need to reread my original post on the Harvey police, which I linked to in this one. I was all over them on the "responsibility" thing?

    Of course they shouldn't all lose their right to bear arms, but perhaps some of them should. I say this every time guns are stolen, that we should look very closely at the "victim." Often the gun owner was lax and in such cases he should be punished.