Monday, May 24, 2010

Those Hysterical Pro-Gun Writers

The Philadelphia Inquirer published an absolutely hysterical op-ed piece about the pending Chicago gun decision.

The Chicago gun ban, in place since 1982, forbids residents from keeping a handgun in their homes. Any gun owned before that law was passed, or any long gun kept in the home, must be kept disassembled and locked. It cannot be assembled even in case of a break-in. It cannot be carried from one room to another within the home. Moreover, a firearm must be reregistered every year. The city fathers of Chicago accept no excuse for failure to reregister a firearm - not hospitalization, amputation, not death.

Have these pro gun writers all gone off the deep end today? Neither amputation nor death is an excuse for not complying with the, I'll supply the one buzz word that's missing, draconian gun laws?

After this article and the other one I posted earlier, I no longer accept the pro-gun accusations that the other side is hysterical.

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  1. Before you call her hysterical, can you prove that what she said is not the case?