Thursday, April 28, 2011

Florida Concealed Carry Gone Bad

Police have not charged anyone with a crime in the incident, but the man, who police said has a concealed weapons permit and lawfully owned the gun, seems to admit he made a mistake by leaving the gun out.
Yeah, why would they charge anyone with a crime. In Florida that's just the way things go.

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  1. Mikeb302000:

    Well, if he's notwhiteenough they'll prolly find a way to perpetize him.

    Thinking on that got me to thinking about the native americans, those folks who didn't know enough to file title deeds and such with their county clerks so's they could PROVE they owned the land. Seems to me that back when the founders were afoundering that the whole 2nd amendment thing was primarily for WHITE MEN. I'm sure, though, that the gunloonz have documentary proof that the urNRA worked ceaselessly to get equality in armsmanship for their copper hued brethren (it's prolly right underneath the documents about how they did the same for them uppity black slaves--in the sock drawer, next to the "Nailin Paylin" video).